Is Your Organization Leveraging the Power of Cutting-Edge Business Intelligence Tools Such As Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik to Unlock Strategic Insights From Your Blackbaud RENXT and FENXT Data?

Connect directly to a live copy of RE NXT and / or FE NXT databases with ActiveEcho!

Introducing The Next Generation of ActiveEcho, Completely Redeveloped For The Microsoft Azure Cloud, The World’s Leading Cloud Platform. 

ActiveEcho For Blackbaud NXT

Developed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Powered By Blackbaud’s SKY API, and 100% Managed by Mission BI, ActiveEcho™ Securely Delivers Azure SQL Databases For Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT, Opening the Door to Virtually Unlimited Capabilities For Both the Development and Distribution of Custom Reports and Business Intelligence Dashboards.

ActiveEcho is a 100% fully managed, affordable alternative to the Blackbaud Daily Backup Service! Contact us to learn more!

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MissionBI ActiveEcho uses Blackbaud SKYAPI to create continuously updating RE NXT and FE NXT Azure SQL Databases

Developed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, ActiveEcho™ delivers database connectivity to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT™ and Financial Edge NXT™.

ActiveEcho’s RENXT and FENXT databases contain easy to navigate, straightforward table and column names that you’ll recognize, speeding up the data selection process during report development.

Connect to ActiveEcho from virtually any reporting application and enjoy simple, built-in ‘Azure SQL Database’ connection types from Power Apps, Power BI, Tableau, and many other popular reporting and BI solutions.

Unlock Valuable Strategic Insights Lying Within Your Organization's NXT Data With ActiveEcho™

  • ActiveEcho™ Azure SQL databases are intuitively organized, continually refreshed, contain all of your Raiser’s Edge NXT™ and Financial Edge NXT™ data, and are optimized for business intelligence and custom reporting.
  • Connecting to ActiveEcho™ from Power BI, Power Apps, Tableau and many other reporting tools is simple and easy using built-in “Azure SQL” database connection types.
  • ActiveEcho™ Data Warehouse For Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT™ and Financial Edge NXT™ is developed and hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, trusted for providing enterprise-grade security and compliance with high availability, performance, and reliability.
  • ActiveEcho’s ETL Platform utilizes Azure Data Factory (ADF) technologies and Azure Key Vault authentication to securely orchestrate comprehensive, continuous data refresh from the SKY API, ensuring that your Raiser’s Edge NXT™ and Financial Edge NXT™ data is always up to date.
  • ActiveEcho™ is a 100% Managed, 100% Maintenance Free solution that does not require any specialized knowledge, expertise, or ongoing time commitment from your staff. 
  • Our ActiveEcho ‘Database Documentation and Data Management Best Practices Guide’ provides you with detailed information on data refresh intervals and Platform/ETL Pipeline functionality in order to provide you with the highest level of confidence in your reporting as possible.

Harness the AI Revolution: Unlock the Power of AI-Driven Insights

In today's data-driven world, harnessing the power of AI-driven insights is essential for nonprofits. With ActiveEcho™, your Raiser's Edge NXT and/or Financial Edge NXT data is continually refreshed to intuitively organized Azure SQL databases, empowering you to harness AI and all the latest cutting-edge reporting technologies

Don't miss out on the AI revolution – join other leading organizations that have already embraced this transformation. Unlock your nonprofit's data potential, gain meaningful insights, and drive impactful decisions by integrating AI into your data analysis.

System-Wide Reporting: Realize the Full Potential of Your Data Ecosystem

ActiveEcho™ provides you with an Azure SQL copy of your Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT and/or Financial Edge NXT data, enabling a new level of reporting possibilities.

Your nonprofit's data can now be combined with all of your organization's data for system-wide reporting using tools like PowerBI and Microsoft Fabric.

Don't let your valuable data remain siloed; unlock it to create comprehensive, system-wide insights that drive your mission forward. Many organizations are already benefiting from this holistic approach – don't be left behind.

Unlock Your Data, Unlock Your Mission's Full Potential

Azure-driven ActiveEcho™ enables your reporting solution to unlock the valuable insights within your data for more data-driven decisions that will drive your mission's full potential.

ActiveEcho™ connects your Blackbaud NXT data to advanced reporting tools, powering AI-driven insights. Experience the benefits of comprehensive data analysis that extends across your entire organization. Unlock your data to unlock your mission's possibilities with ActiveEcho™.

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Our Leadership team has over 50 years' experience with Blackbaud solutions and technologies.

Thomas and Jim Evans, with a combined 53 years experience in the Blackbaud ecosystem, have journeyed through the ranks from their early days in Customer Support roles at Blackbaud during the late 1990’s, to now, together leading Mission BI. Thomas & Jim are relentlessly dedicated to leveraging their extensive experience to continue developing and delivering transformational solutions that empower nonprofits with better tools to achieve their missions.

Thomas Evans

President & CEO

I began my journey serving nonprofits in 1996 as a Blackbaud Customer Support Product Specialist and BBU Trainer. Between my time at Blackbaud, my many years of consulting, and my time leading Mission BI, I have dedicated over 25 years to serving the Blackbaud community with technical consulting, training and specialized reporting solutions.

Mission BI was born out of my desire to expand custom reporting and business intelligence capabilities for Blackbaud customers in order to help them to be more data driven in their decision-making as they work each day to advance their causes.

I recently realized a long term goal for Mission BI when I successfully recruited my brother Jim, a long-time RE NXT expert, to Mission BI in 2022 as an investor and Mission BI's new Product Ambassador for ActiveEcho™. Jim and I went on to spend a full year working together on the complete migration and redevelopment of ActiveEcho™ on to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

With fifty years of Blackbaud technical expertise between us, and now all the power and possibilities of the Azure Cloud Platform underlying ActiveEcho™, Jim and I are excited about the innovative new solutions coming down the road that will continue to add value as our customers work each day to advance their missions.

Jim Evans

Director, Strategic Advisory Board

I'm thrilled to announce my new role as Director of the Strategic Advisory Board for MissionBI, specifically advising on ActiveEcho™. I'm dedicated to fueling nonprofit success through the power of data insights. In 2001, I founded Bradford Consulting ( after my tenure at Blackbaud, where I served nonprofits in various capacities, including conducting custom and regional trainings, hosting user groups, and leading the nationwide rollout of RE7. Beginning in 2019, I spent 28 months conducting manual conversions and implementations of the Raiser’s Edge NXT for Blackbaud at NPact. With 26 years of Raiser's Edge experience as a trainer and consultant, I have firsthand knowledge of the profound impact that robust reporting delivers. Having taught the basic, advanced, and custom Crystal Reports classes, I know how powerful reporting can be.

My objective is to empower organizations to seamlessly integrate their data with cutting-edge reporting tools like PowerBI, Power Apps, Tableau, and Qlik Sense. I'll be moderating ActiveEcho™ user groups and facilitating report sharing sessions, providing nonprofits with the tools they need to make informed, high-impact decisions, drive innovation, and ultimately achieve mission success.

Join the movement towards advanced reporting and AI-driven insights with ActiveEcho’s 2nd generation Azure platform. Together, let's empower nonprofits to maximize their impact. We are shaping the future of nonprofit data analytics.

ActiveEcho™ Delivers Measurable ROI

Increased Efficiencies

ActiveEcho™ enables powerful report distribution options that extend fully connected reporting and insights to your staff and administrators, reducing emails and promoting faster decision-making.

Reclaimed Hours

ActiveEcho™ delivers 100% connectivity to your reporting, eliminating the countless hours spent manually updating data for reports on an ongoing basis.

Data Driven Decisions

ActiveEcho™ increases the quality and quantity of your business intelligence reporting, delivering greater strategic insights, resulting in more data-driven decision-making.

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