Beyond traditional limits, harnessing two key concepts: AI and Unified Data Reporting

As part of an ongoing series aimed at recreating reports from the Raiser’s Edge Sample Report Guide, the initial step involved accessing data beyond the confines of the Blackbaud Hosting environment. This task was successfully accomplished through the utilization of MissionBI’s ActiveEcho, providing a seamlessly synchronized Azure SQL copy of Blackbaud RE NXT and/or FE NXT data via the SkyAPI.

In the realm of nonprofit data reporting, accessing and extracting insights from Blackbaud RE NXT (Raiser’s Edge) and FE NXT (Financial Edge) databases has traditionally been confined to Blackbaud’s hosting environment using standard reports, dashboards and some insights. However, imagine if your data were liberated, residing in a constantly updated and synchronized Azure SQL database. This is where ActiveEcho from MissionBI steps in, unleashing the power of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Unified Data Reporting.

Artificial Intelligence: Powering Intelligent Queries

AI will revolutionizie how nonprofits interact with their data. Picture arriving at your office and seamlessly asking your database questions, just like you would with Siri or Hey Google:

  1. “What were the major donations received yesterday or this week, exceeding $1,000?”
  2. “What’s the current percentage of our latest appeal’s goal achievement?”
  3. “How are individual solicitors performing against their goals?”
  4. “What’s the current balance for a specific fund or scholarship?”

ActiveEcho integrates with Microsoft Fabric, unlocking your RE NXT / FE NXT databases and paving the way for transformative AI tools like Microsoft’s Copilot. In 2024, AI and data analytics should top the priority list for organizations aiming to extract maximum value from their data.

Unified Data Reporting: Maximizing Data Potential

Unified Data Reporting is the key to structuring, organizing, and processing data effectively. Imagine ALL of your organizations data in one place structured in a way to seamlessly process organization wide analytics. What insights could that deliver? ActiveEcho ensures full organization-wide data unification by creating continuously refreshing Azure SQL database versions of RE NXT and FE NXT created through the Blackbaud SkyAPI. Your Blacbaud data can then be added to all other databases your organization has, that is a key concept of Microsoft Fabric and a trend in 2024 and moving forward. A unified data ecosystem becomes the foundation for streamlined reporting and actionable insights.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Fabric and other options:

ActiveEcho produces an Azure SQL database that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Fabric, facilitating the unification of your Blackbaud data. This integration ensures a cohesive ecosystem where data flows effortlessly, laying the groundwork for AI-driven intelligent reporting.

If your organization is not planning to adopt Microsoft Fabric and Copilot you can still use the most powerful reporting tools like Power BI and Tableau to report on the ActiveEcho database provided from MissionBI as an Azure SQL database. Once your data is unlocked with ActiveEcho there are many ways to connect the many different AI tools to your Blackbaud data. Azure OpenAI Service is another option.

In summary, ActiveEcho is the catalyst for unlocking the potential within your Blackbaud databases. It empowers nonprofits to leverage the integration of AI and Unified Data Reporting, turning data into actionable insights that drive mission success in 2024.

The image below shows just how easy it is to add the ActiveEcho produced Azure SQL database to a Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse for unified reporting within Microsoft Fabric using tools like Power BI. The data will then be constantly synchronized with your Blackbaud RE NXT and or FE NXT database allowing updated insights. Again, If you are not planning to use Microsoft Fabric the ActiveEcho Azure SQL database can be added directly to Power BI, Tableau and other reporting tools with little effort.

Adding ActiveEcho RE NXT and FE NXT data into Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse with a few clicks

Jim Evans is the ActiveEcho Product Ambassador at ActiveEcho delivers a continually refreshing Azure SQL copy of Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT and/or Financial Edge NXT databases, specifically designed to connect with the latest reporting tools and AI interfaces.

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