Unleashing the Power of AI in 2024: A revolution in data interaction

As we step into the AI-driven landscape of 2024, the transformative power of technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), is undeniable. Join me in exploring how the latest advancements, including ChatGPT4-Turbo and Microsoft Copilot are revolutionizing the way we approach and interact with data. Whether you use Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, or another reporting solution, I believe 2024 will offer new ways to leverage your RE NXT and FE NXT data to produce valuable insights and data analytics powered by AI and fueled by MissionBI’s ActiveEcho.

The recent ChatGPT drama, with the firing and rehiring of CEO Sam Altman, highlights the dynamic nature of the AI landscape. This evolution signifies a shift from the times when AI was considered “quaint” to an era where it’s an essential component reshaping our engagement with technology.

“On November 30 (2022), we quietly released a first version of ChatGPT for research purposes. And it went pretty well,” joked Sam Altman, the company’s boss. “We now have about 100 million weekly active users,” he said on stage in San Francisco during a live online conference.

At the OpenAI Dev Days Conference (11/6/2023), Sam Altman: “We hope that you’ll come back next year. What we launch today is going to look very quaint relative to what we’re busy creating for you now.” Sam Altman at Dev Days Video

The When, Not If, of ChatGPT Integration:
It’s not a question of if ChatGPT will be deployed on your Blackbaud RE NXT and/or FE NXT data; it’s a matter of when. In 2024, those embracing this paradigm shift will lead a new era in data analytics and insights.

AI’s Journey: From Big Blue to ChatGPT:
Reflecting on AI’s trajectory from Big Blue’s victory in 1997 to ChatGPT as a fully-fledged Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), ChatGPT stands as a beacon of progress. Harnessing the power of language models, it facilitates dynamic interactions, get started with basics like generating haikus or writing a child’s birthday card in a pirate’s voice. Once you have played around with the basics ask ChatGPT to write an annual appeal letter. What I am working toward is asking ChatGPT to analyze your constituent, gift, action and other real time data from your RE NXT and or FE NXT data. ActiveEcho provides the Azure SQL data that will fuel your AI interactions.

The Role of Language Models (LLM) and ActiveEcho:
Language models and tools like ActiveEcho from MissionBI facilitate the integration of ChatGPT with private data sets. ActiveEcho, supplying data to fuel AI, will open doors for deep dives into private data sets, offering seamless cross-functional queries and cohesive reports.

AlphaGo and the Fascinating World of AI:
The AlphaGo documentary provides a fascinating journey into AI, machine learning and neural networks, showcasing the iterative process involved in achieving success. Learn how AlphaGo taught itself how to play the ancient board game Go and beat the best human players. AlphaGo’s use of deep-learning neural networks revolutionized AI capabilities. AlphaGo Documentary on YouTube

Looking Ahead to 2024:
In 2024, data analytics extend beyond conventional reporting. Dynamic conversations with data, where ChatGPT assists in generating SQL queries, reports, and dynamic dashboards, represent the forefront of analytical technology.

Still not convinced the AI revolution can help you right now?

I have linked to the exact section of this video posted on 11/30/2023 from the Microsoft Ignite Conference that just completed, watch for three and a half minutes to see Microsoft’s AI assistant named Copilot create a Power BI report based on Azure SQL data. In the video a Microsoft employee shows how to use Microsoft Copilot to create a Power BI report with visualizations and narrative summary all by asking a few questions. After showing the amazing results he states Copilot will be, “Transformative for how all of us will work with data”. Copilot is now available in the major Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and PowerPoint. After watching the video if you would like access to your RE NXT and or FE NXT data exactly as shown in the video, ActiveEcho is the tool you need.

Video from the November 2023 Microsoft Ignite Conference, video starts with a demonstration of a Power BI report created by Copilot (Microsoft’s AI assistant)

Open Discussions and Partnerships:
Ilya Sutskever, who co-founded and serves as a board member and Chief Scientist of OpenAI, started a trend of collaborating that we should all follow. He wants to partner with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) companies to grow the technology. Combining our knowledge and use-cases on different AI platforms and nonprofit datasets will help us all achieve our goals. Join me as I host open discussions and user groups to explore the uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on MissionBI’s ActiveEcho RE NXT and FE NXT databases. Imagine running the latest ChatGPT model directly on your data, unlocking strategic insights, and shaping the future of nonprofit data analytics. I’ll also be leading discussions on topics related to traditional report development using Microsoft Power BI and other reporting solutions, fueled by ActiveEcho

As we embark on this AI-driven era, the question arises: What will you ask of your data in 2024? Let the conversation with AI begin. I’m excited to see next year’s ChatGPT features that Sam Altman is referencing below; until then, I’ll be exploring in-depth the latest version of ChatGPT. At the OpenAI Dev Days Conference (11/6/2023), Sam Altman stated: “We hope that you’ll come back next year. What we launch today is going to look very quaint relative to what we’re busy creating for you now.” – Sam Altman at Dev Days Video

Jim Evans is the ActiveEcho Product Ambassador at MissionBI.com, providing a continually refreshing Azure SQL copy of Blackbaud’s RE NXT and FE NXT databases, specifically designed to connect with the latest reporting tools and AI interfaces. Join me in an upcoming discussion on how data insights from AI and Microsoft Power BI will drive results in 2024!

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